Make A Gift

There are several ways that you can make a gift to support DANCE IQUAIL:

Donate Online

The easiest way to make a contribution to DIQ is by using our secure online form. You will receive an email confirmation immediately and a tax acknowledgement letter within one week of your donation date.
Click below to make a tax-deductible donation to DIQ!

Gifts by Check
Gifts made by check should be payable to Dance Iquail Inc. Your gift, along with a note confirming your name and address, should be mailed to:

Dance Iquail
Attn: Development
PO BOX 559
NEW YORK, NY 10030

You will receive membership information and an acknowledgment letter for your tax records shortly after your gift is received. For further information, please contact Iquail Shaheed, at or (646)457-7484.


Gifts of Stock

Stock gifts provide the same membership benefits as gifts of cash and can be a cost effective way to donate. A gift of stock that has been held for more than one year allows you to claim a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the donated stock, even if the stock’s original cost to you was less than its current value. In addition, there is no capital gains tax due on the stock’s appreciation. Please contact Iquail Shaheed at or (646) 457-7484 for detailed instructions on transferring your gift.


Gifts of IRA Assets

Tax laws passed at the end of 2010 include an important provision regarding gifts of retirement fund assets made in 2010 and 2011 – an extension of a provision initially introduced in 2006. If you are 70 ½ years or older, you can transfer up to $100,000 each year from your traditional or Roth IRA to support Dance Iquail and other qualified charities without having to pay federal income tax on the amount withdrawn from your account. A transfer to charity counts towards your minimum distribution requirement, which makes this an ideal option if you are required to take distributions that you do not need. It is also an excellent option if you do not itemize your charitable deductions.


Matching Gifts

The matching gifts program is a perfect opportunity to increase both your contribution and your membership benefits without added cost to you. Over 1,000 companies and foundations across the United States will match their employees’ cash or volunteer gifts to non-profit organizations like DIQ. Contact your human resources department for details about your company’s matching gift program. For more information on matching gifts, please contact Iquail Shaheed at or (646) 457-7484.


Estate Gifts

Share your love of dance with future generations by including DIQ in your will or other estate plans. Your legacy gift will support DIQ and serve as a tribute to your generosity.